Become an Inventor and join us as we safely help you navigate through the new frontier of Web3, Crypto, DeFi, Blockchain Tech, and the Metaverse. 


There will only ever be 7777 Inventors, will you be one of them?

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The Return of the Inventors

Holding an Inventors NFT grants access to an Education Portal powered by TechTree.Education – where you will find the Web3’s 1st NFT gated education platform with Learn 2 Earn Mechanics.

Make your way through our custom content and we will reward you with entries into our very own DeFi perpetual giveaway system called MoneyTree. So far, Inventors have won over $24,000 in crypto and NFT in 8 short months!

More so, by holding one of our NFTs, you will gain more entries based off of attributes held within your InventorsNFT.

Lastly, the community of Inventors will become your new home within Web3  – you will find that this community of purpose driven professionals will help you and guide you through the Wild west of Web3 and Crypto. You will find a home with us, we promise.

Minting Pro Tips

Typically, most projects have a Discord server and inside is a channel  called “official links.” Here you’ll find the MINT PAGE with the correct link. Connect your BURNER wallet to the website when asked by MetaMask. 


DO NOT USE YOUR NORMAL Wallet to mint an NFT – EVER!

People make mistakes, developers make mistakes, we’re all human. Scammers and thieves on the other hand are sophisticated and even the best of us fall victim from time to time. It’s better to be safe, than sorry. If you use a burner wallet and something bad happens, the worst that will happen is you may lose the funds in your wallet that were transferred there for the NFTs you wanted to mint…. not your whole portfolio (which is in your cold storage wallet).

With this knowledge in hand, you are ready to mint! Type in the number of NFTs you want, smash that mint button, READ, and then sign the MetaMask notification, accept the estimated gas price to mint, and once you’re ok with the total price, click confirm. Thats it, sit back and wait for the transaction to be confirmed.

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    Connect your Wallet

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    Select Your Quantity

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    Confirm The Transaction

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    Receive Your NFT’s

Meet Ada, Tesla, and Leo

InventorsNFTs represent a collection of 7,777 legendary NFTs categorized by level of rarity and generated with hundreds of attributes. The Inventors are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, making them the most coveted NFTs on you will ever find. 


Their value transcends a typical NFT as their utility is unmatched in Web3 and Crypto.


Phase 1

January 2022

The Return

Ada, Tesla and Leo returned to help guide us through Web3 safely. Our community was born & new ideas set in motion to usher in a new era of Tech.

Phase 2

February 2022

The Launch

Generation 1 of our Mint was successfully launched and sold out within a month! 1111 NFTs minted, held by 294 Inventors. Our floor has only ever seen 1% of supply for sale, ever.

Phase 3

March 2022

Arrival of our MoneyTree

25% of our gross Mint proceeds were placed into a DeFi yield farm which set in motion our monthly giveaway system leveraging the awesomeness of DeFi.

Phase 4

July 2022

Web3 Portal Launched

As promised, a Web3 portal for our holders to calculate their MoneyTree entries see the farm's balance, all gated by an InventorsNFT. Safe and secure. devoid of scams that plague popular sites that projects rely on for community engagement.

Phase 5

September 2022

Education for ALL people

Expanded the Web3 portal to include our highly anticipated educational content! Safety/Security course rolled for all for free... for life!

Phase 6

November 2022

Learn 2 Earn Implemented

Say hello to the 1st NFT project to bring Learn 2 Earn mechanics into their ecosystem - with real money. Real results from learning, real rewards. We gamified our content and rewarded our holders with highly coveted entries into our giveaway system.

Phase 7

December 2022

Gen 2 Mint Launched

With almost no supply (1%) for sale on OpenSea - demand for more Inventors spurred our Gen2 Mint. More inventors, more knowledge shared, More assets for MoneyTree.

Phase 8

January 2022

The Lazarus Pools

With the release of the Lazarus Pools, we wanted to share with you all how we are using it to expand our reach within the DeFi space. Built w/ purpose by Wizard Finance and TechTree.

Phase 9

January 2023

The Web3 Safety Alliance

A consortium of like minded projects determined to safeguard the Web3 space will launch!

Phase 10

February 2023

Dev Tree was Born

To support the rising stars in Web3 & crypto, we thrive to support ambitious projects with our DevTree by providing mentorship to help their ideas come to fruition. We will foster an environment where you can leverage the power of collaboration to bring your great ideas to a reality.

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